How to find Pensão Francisca

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How to find the bed and breakfast "Pensão Francisca" in Almagreira, Santa Maria, Azores

download the description    Coordinates: longitude -25.107547, latitude  36.963565

From the airport take the road to Vila do Porto, at the roundabout with the small fancy house you take the second exit leading into the town of Vila do Porto.Airport towards Vila do Porto In town you will come to another roundabout/crossing, choose the main street up the hill leading out of town. Roundabout in Vila do PortoStay on the street, you will pass the fire station to your right, then the only two gas stations on this island. gas station left "Repsol"gas station right "Galp"At the next beautifully arranged roundabout take the first exit. This road leads to Almagreira and the beach Praia Formosa. Roundabout to AlmagreiraThe road passes the valley Val Verde, after coming up the slope stay left on the main road. Soon you will pass the two speed bumps at the school of Almagreira. Further to your left is the snack-bar "Café Stop II", at the next junction the street to your right leads to the beach Praia Formosa and our bed and breakfast "Pensão Francisca". how to get to Pensão FranciscaOpposite the junction on the left there is a big old green painted gate with a beautiful archway made from stone. Turn left and follow the narrow street leading south towards the beach "Praia Formosa". After approx. 400 m to your left, passing a big field, you have arrived at our bed and breakfast "Pensão Francisca".

Coordinates: longitude -25.107547, latitude  36.963565

View from Pico Alto, down to Almagreira and the plateau of Tremoçal, in the back Pico Facho and the wind turbines

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