Hiking trails on Santa Maria Island, Azores

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Trail Almagreira-Pico Alto

Hiking trails on Santa Maria Island, Azores - overview

PRC2SMA  Pico Alto, 6.2 km
PRC3SMA  Entre a Serra e o Mar, 9.5 km
PR1SMA   Trilho da Costa Norte (Feteiras de Baixo - Anjos), 9 km
PR4SMA   Santo Espírito - Maia, 6.8 km
PR5SMA   Trilho da Costa Sul (Vila do Porto - Praia Formosa/Almagreira), 7 km

Grande route Santa Maria

to know more details: Grande Trilho - around the island -> to see the maps check "etapas"

there are many more trails to walk, some directly starting from Pensão Francisca, not yet officialy promoted - ask us for more detailed information


Tour guides

Annett Fröhlich - tour guide, languages: German, English - download contact/flyer (german)

Paulo Ramalho - anthropologist, tour guide, languages: Portugûes, English - download contact/flyer P. Ramalho (english)

SMATUR - tour guides, excursions, transportes, languages: Portugûes, English - website SMATUR

Bootlá - tour guides, canyoning, coasteering, jeep safari - website Bootlá

all about hiking in general, check with Jenny


For legal reasons, we decline any responsibility using the trails with or without a guide. We cannot be held responsible for the conditions of the trails which may change at any time, especially when weather conditions worsen.
It is always your own responsibility to ensure you have sufficient insurance for your travels.

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