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Our Story

While working in hospitality and in the service sector, our love of travel took us over the years to exciting places on almost every continent.

It was in 1999 that we visited the Azores archipelago for the first time, and were so fascinated that we returned the very next year. Our second visit to the archipelago led us to decide to buy a plot of land on this wonderful spot on earth. No sooner said than done – in 2002 we became part-owners of the island.

Five years later, we decided to take our lives in a new direction. With the start of construction work on our home in 2008, we laid the foundation for a new life in Azores. The following year, we began to build up our life project.

Our Bed and Breakfast with a + became a complete success. We are enthusiastic hosts who enjoy welcoming travelers from all over the world to our new home.

In recent years, it become increasing importantly to us to live more sustainably. This motivated us to grow from hobby gardeners to (organic) farmers. In view of the years 2020-2022, this was definitely not a mistake.

Our dear helpers

Our cat, Bueli – is dedicated to unwanted rodents

Our flock of chickens – keep bugs at bay, weeds in trim, fertilize fruit trees and provide us with eggs

Our pair of ducks – take care of snails and other pests

Our goats – keep us on our toes, help us exterminate invasive plants, love the wild blackberries, trim the bushes, spread fertilizer, and now and again perform circus-like acts

Our bees – pollinate our plants and provide a fantastic organic honey

Ecological and Sustainable

We strive to live as ecologically and sustainably as possible, and that’s how we run our guesthouse too.

  • Most of the ingredients for our legendary breakfast come from our own organic production. As much as possible, we buy ingredients that we do not grow or produce ourselves seasonally and from organic and local production.
  • Renewable energy from our photovoltaic system.
  • Collection and use of rainwater.
  • Natural materials in our rooms.
  • We have been awarded Green Leaders status by TripAdvisor.
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Yearly Newsletter

We are happy to keep our guests and friends up to date with our annual newsletter with news and adventures from the past year.

Read about how our BnB, our organic farm and our life on Santa Maria have evolved.

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In the Press

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